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O turbante azul francês

Despite expectations that France would provide the bulk of a planned 15,000 strong UN force, Paris said Thursday it would send 200 troops to reinforce the UN mission in Lebanon.

While it said France was prepared to command the enlarged force, it also called for safety guarantees for its soldiers before making further commitments.

Yahoo! News

[French defense minister] Alliot-Marie said troop contributions to the expanded UNIFIL force should come from a great number of countries, both in Europe and the Muslim world.

“What we must absolutely avoid is giving the image of a Western world imposing peace on the Muslim world,” she said.

Ilustração de uma unidade do islamosensível exército francês que só trabalha com garantias de segurança:

Disclaimer: Não foram usadas técnicas de edição de imagem que o mainstream media não use.

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